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A Word from the director

Welcome to our website!

I’m pleased to introduce you to the new site of Groupe AJF Corporation.
Groupe AJF Corporation has a new look and is more visible: a more fluid navigation now facilitates access to all of its services and a quick redirection and interconnection in real time on all its social media.

Established in Congo since 2015, DRC, Groupe AJF Corporation offers debt collection services in Africa and around the world. Its strength lies in its young multidisciplinary and multilingual team of lawyers and professionals dedicated to the design and implementation of effective collection strategies and procedures.

The strength of a debt collection company is its values and the direction it takes in dealing with clients and partners. I still have the conviction that the team is one of the most important keys to success. It’s very important to have a good team on his project. A bad team can bring down a good project and a good team can bring up a project that has sunk.

From the beginning, Groupe AJF Corporation has benefited from the dynamism and energy of its team, which has been performed well in recent years. The procedures of Groupe AJF Corporation require a difference between B2C (consumers) and B2B (businesses).

It is now almost hard for a debtor to escape collection because Groupe AJF Corporation is part of internationals networks of debt collection firms and law firms that handle debtors in their region. With them, Groupe AJF Corporation has learned that its actions will never again have borders like money.

Groupe AJF Corporation will continue to improve its communication on its many services, from new claims to be submitted online to recent publications and news feed articles.

In DRC, from Congo Brazzaville to Bujumbura, from China to the USA, from France to Japan, Groupe AJF Corporation is there to help its many clients and partners to collect their monies quickly.
Enjoy browsing our site!

Olivier Bulonza


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